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Dear Dr Dan,
I can’t thank you enough for providing this page. I am the only Blessing Giver in Far North Queensland. I wondered how I was to experience more blessings and lo and behold your page appears before me. Miracles abound. I invoked the Divine and clicked on the Devi Prayer, closed my eyes. Immediately I felt the presence of a blessing. My body felt as though it was physically lifted from the floor on my chair and I was being spiraled upward. I opened my eyes in disbelief then closed them again and immediately the sensation returned – I surrender to it – it slowed then I felt as though I were suspended in space – tears welled in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. I smiled inside and out. I have had my prayer answered I can now receive blessings any time as well as give them. Thank you – you make my soul smile.

Love and blessings,

Roz Bishop


Dear Dr Dan,
I can’t believe this has come into my life. I have been receiving hands on deeksha for about two months. I have been attending the blessing in San Jose about once a week. I recently told my wife that I feel so good during and after the blessing that I wish I could go every day. The cost of $20.00 is of course well worth it but prohibitive if one could attend blessings on a daily basis. This is assuming one could find and travel to a daily blessing.
I received your handout on online blessings last week at the San Jose blessing. All I can say is “WOW”. This is exactly what I had been hoping for. Now I can receive deeksha at my convenience and as often as I want. Your mission to help others has certainly helped me!

Thank you so very much,

Steve Coates
From CA


Many thanks, Dr Dan. Say, I just did the Blessing and meditation on your website. You are the MAN. Took me right back to Fiji, and my hands were electric. Loved it, Dan! I gave the website a big blessing, so that others who use it may be touched by it. After this first go around, I’m sure I’ll be a regular user of it, if not every day — at least for the blessing part (the meditation is seems pretty long, tough for me to sit still that long! — but actually that should give me some motivation to do it and get better at it. That’s what it’s all about, anyway, right??!!). And what I like about the website is twofold. First, it looks good — clearly it was well put together, and the music is great. Second, I like its simplicity. There’s so much beauty in simplicity. You just go right to it and get the job done.

Keep it up!!
Jeff Tonnesen


Hi there from a Tony fan, and also I am on my way to India, 2nd trip for the temple opening. I know the power of the deeksha, often without feeling anything one might not even be aware. Loved your site and we follow similar interests both tony and giving blessings.

While listening to the Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess and Ananda on your site, it was very soothing and calming for me, some tears came and went a few times from hidden deep, it seems different from crying, as these tears seem to come from a different place. Wow, i must say i was a little not totally sold on the idea that one could receive a deeksha this way but for sure i could feel it, so I will be back for more 😉

thank you for sharing.



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  1. Posted by Dr Dan, at Reply

    Be sure to share your experience with the oneness blessing or here 🙂

  2. Posted by Dunnea Artemis Rae, at Reply

    Thank you for this – it is profound. A friend just told me about Oneness Blessing/Deeksha and I found your site online. Like others reported, some tears came up. I felt the same kind of feeling I have after a good massage.
    Immediately after I opened my eyes, I looked out the window in front of me and saw my cat walking across the yard, some distance away. I know that I am not easy to see in the window at this time of day. As soon as I looked directly at her, I felt an immediate connection, she stopped walking, turned her head and made direct eye contact with me. Of all my cats, she is the least likely to do this – getting her attention usually requires calling her repeatedly.

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